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Let's position your services so they're easy to sell

Let me guess, you're a service-based business and you love what you do, but your marketing isn't bringing in enough leads?


You're relying too heavily on referrals or cold leads alone?

Your marketing touch points aren't doing the heavy lifting you need them to do


You really need people to know your brand as the go to and be seeking you out, so you can do what you do best.

Why are you making it so hard for yourself?

Maybe you want some copy that converts, help with a campaign to get you more exposure, OR maybe you want to outsource your marketing entirely.  (hint - I can help you with all of those things.)

It's no secret that the most successful businesses put marketing (and their customers) at the heart of everything they do.​

Ready to do the same?


I advise companies
how to market their business for growth.

Marketing isn't like it used to be; a bit of cleverly placed advertising telling your clients that they simply must have your product or service.  It's changed and evolved into something holistic, touching every part of your business.

I know you've put every ounce of energy into growing your business and are maybe wondering why your clients or customers aren't seeing that passion or value you can bring to their lives?  That's where empathy led marketing comes in.  Winning hearts and minds is not just about creating amazing products and services, but communicating that with your audience too.

I care about your 
business as much as I care about my own

Marketing isn't like it used to be; a bit of cleverly placed advertising.  It's changed and it's all about winning hearts and minds.

Once I start working with a company, I'm all in.  I make it my mission to get under the skin of who you are, how you do things and what your USP is, so I can share it with the rest of the world.

Meet Victoria 

"Humour is the best way to make anyone fall in love with your brand, so is empathy." - Tori Griffiths


I'm Victoria, a Marketing Strategist and Consultant and I love to connect mission led businesses with clients who need your help.

I'm a qualified Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing & I've been helping SME's to disrupt their markets for almost 20 years.

I like taking businesses from stand back to stand out.  If you're ready to disrupt your industry, we're going to get on like a house on fire.

Consider me your trusty sidekick in market domination.

Did I mention that I once brought traffic to a standstill with an organic marketing campaign?

Clients &

Here are some of the mission -led businesses I have worked with. 

Do you want to be next?

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" Tori has a real talent for helping you both clarify exactly what message you want to put out there and helping you find just the right words, and, with her help, I rebranded, and re-wrote most of my website copy.

She also helped me re-design my offers, and as a result, I created a successful new 1-2-1 programme, grew my existing high touch membership by 50%, and also launched a new low cost membership, gaining 113 members. My income has grown by 50% this year, and I’m looking forward to calmer seas ahead."

Rachael Roberts - Earn, Learn, Thrive

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