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Become the 'go to' business in your field...without hustling your face into the floor


If you're a small business owner, fed up with trying to figure it all out for yourself and getting nowhere fast - I've been mentoring small business owners just like you to get formidable results for the past two years...


Got a bad case of wobbly sales?

Going round in circles faster than your pants on a spin cycle?

You might be pivoting your offer, niche or audience and it's well scary.

Plus you hate marketing more than spiders in your hair...
  • You probably started your business doing one thing, there's now a part of it you want to go all in on, but that sh*t feels scarier than flying down a mountain on a greased-up bin lid.

  • You know your service is the dog's danglies, but are struggling to share that with the rest of the world.

  • Try as you might, your messaging feels flatter than that cake you once made (no, just me?)

  • Even if you aren't pivoting or niching, you might feel like your marketing, messaging & offer are wobblier than your mum's Sunday-best blancmange.

  • Your offer feels a bit lumpy to sell and you aren't sure why.

You also need to start making money by serving the people you love to help.


Ready to get fully-booked and fabulous?

In just 4 months, I'll help you take your brand from standing back to stand out.

I'll give you the marketing foundations and strategy to get all of this sorted and a signature offer moving.

Wanna find out more?

In just 4 months (plus 2 months of on-going support), I'll help you take your brand from standing back to stand out.  I'll then work with you for another 2 months to help you stay consistent.

This is not a group programme. 

I repeat - this is not a group programme! 

I will take you through this process, but depending on your business needs, it may not be in this exact order.

​What you get:

  • 16 x 45 minute sessions over 6 months

  • Help mapping out your signature offer

  • Support with market research

  • Your sales page copy written for you (worth £500)

  • Your pricing nailed (goodbye tyre kickers)

  • A yearly-sales plan sorted so you know how much you need to sell and when

  • A content plan, ready for you to pick a topic and run with

  • A strategy to get you visible

  • A mixture of learning, implementation and mentoring

  • Help with your marketing & business development every step of the way

  • An qualified, ex-Head of Marketing working with you on your business

  • A chance to plan, create & get buckets of accountability 


Sound Good?

Action is the only way forward...

If you think this is up your street, let's have a chat to see if it's a good fit for you.​

I'm not interested in selling you something that won't work for you, so if I don't think it's a good fit, I will say.

It's for you if:

You're ready to do the work

If you're willing to listen to feedback from an expert to help you grow

£3495 or £582.50 per month

Fancy a Cuppa?

Fancy chatting over a cuppa?  Hit one of the green buttons above and let's do this!

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Social Media 
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