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11 Ways to Get Great Engagement on Facebook

1. Post regularly, but it doesn't have to be four times every day - quality over quantity is much more important, but do make sure you show up regularly.

2. Try and think about the sorts of things your customers would like to see, maybe it's a

meme like the one shown here. Maybe it's an inspirational quote or a top tip of yours. 

3. Have a look at your previous posts and see what’s given you the greatest engagement. Ask questions, the more interactions (reactions, comments, shares) you have on a post, the more the Facebook algorithms will share it with your audience.  

4. Don't overload your social feed with 'salesy' stuff, you know the posts - Monday 'this is what we've got for sale'.  Tuesday 'This is what we've got for sale’....Don't be that business! If you want your customers to feel unengaged, then this is a really good way of doing it. Think about how you perceive pages that are just trying to ram their products or services down your throat...bored already? Yep, your customers will be too!

5. Share interesting things, tips, facts, stories about the people who work as part of your team, even if it's just you. (TOP TIP - my top performing posts have ALWAYS been about the people in the businesses I was marketing, remember, people buy from people!)

6. Make sure your basic details are up-to-date on your social pages.  Name, contact info, website, opening hours...if people are looking for you and they can't tell when you're open - are they still going to try and turn up at your door?

7. Competitions - now this is a tricky one. Facebook have VERY specific rules around competitions and how they are run. You might be surprised to learn that competitions where you make your followers 'like and share' to be in with a chance of winning are not permitted by Facebook and they CAN and I have known them to shut pages down.  

8. Repeat posting in groups. You've posted something and you share it in a number of groups and then for some reason, you can't share any more?  That's because the Facebook algorithms pick you up as spam and at best can temporarily stop your account. On this occasion, sharing is not caring!  If you want to share to groups, do one or two groups at a time, but not lots at once. And think about the people reading your posts - they want to be romanced a little...would you just go up to someone and ask them out on a date, no introductions? Think about writing something that people might find helpful or interesting.

9. Don't be frightened to use video, it often gets the best engagement.  It doesn't have to be super-slick either, simply point and go!

10. Various social scheduling platforms will tell you when the busiest times on Facebook are - Hootsuite has a very good blog on it.  Be aware that busy might not always be best for you as a small business. Check out the stats on your own business page and see when YOUR customers are most active and try posting in those times.

11. Be authentic. I've worked in Marketing for a long time and I've seen all sorts of marketing trends come and go.  What I can tell you is no one wants to be 'sold' to, we're all tired of the same old sales gumpf. What people do want are real and authentic interactions with the companies they love. So as a small business owner, don't be frightened to show them some of you - some of your heart and soul and your passion for your business and your ‘why?’ - the reason you’re in the business you love!

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