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14 Free and Awesome Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

There are lots of tools out there to help business owners with marketing and business processes. A lot are paid and many of the tools I’m about to share have a paid plan option, but they also have a permanently free functionality for you to use. So my advice is to give them a go, some of these have been absolute game-changers in my marketing career.

1. Mailchimp

Email marketing gets a whole lot easier with this tool. It can automate most of your email marketing and you can also create landing pages straight from your website to capture email addresses from your prospective customers in a completely GDPR compliant way. Super-useful, with lots of free tools and ‘how to’s’.

2. Bitly

Bit.Ly is a tool used for shortening website addresses. It’s really helpful for shortening links to place in social media posts or bios, which normally only allow a certain number of characters.

3. Canva

This genius tool can help you design and resize social media posts at the drop of a hat. It also has a feature for creating and designing print literature. If you want to upload your business colours and have access to all the designs and all the stock photographs available it’ll cost you under a tenner a month, which is great if you do a lot. But the free version will do you just fine if not.

4. Coolors

This is free if you use it on a PC, but it will cost £1.99 to download from the App store. It’s a

great tool. If you’re looking at putting colours together that compliment each other for your logo, leaflets, website or anything else you need to design, then this tool is for you.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is perfect for storing and sharing documents and pictures, so you can access them anytime, anywhere. Your free storage in the cloud!

6. Google Analytics

If you’ve got a website, then installing the Google analytics code on your page is going to give you lots of extra detail, such as which devices people are viewing your site from, demographics, landing pages and more.

7. Google Docs

If you don’t have the wonga to set yourself up with Office 365 just yet, Google Docs will do just the job. You can use it for creating documents, spreadsheets and even online tests and questionnaires.

8. Google Places / Google My Business

This is a must for most businesses as it helps to pin you on those lovely maps that you see

when you’re looking for a business in a certain geographical area. You can add details such as phone number, website and products or services. There’s also a handy review section for your customers to leave reviews.

9. Hemingway

We’re not all wordsmiths! This tool is great if you want to make your wording succinct and straight to the point for your blog posts, website or anything else.

10. Hootsuite

If you’re struggling to show up on lots of different social media channels and time is of the essence (As it is for most of us), then this post scheduler is a must. It takes a bit of getting used to and there is some set-up involved to get access to all of your social media accounts, but once you are off – you can schedule up to 6 months in advance. Hurrah for that one!

11. Later

Another great app for Instagram, as it lets you add your pictures to the feed so you can see what your layout will look like, you can also schedule your posts to go out from it.

12. Podbean

This is a great little tool for making podcasts on the go. So simple you can use your Iphone and headphones to record.

13. Snapseed

If you’re using your phone camera (or anything else for that matter) to take pictures for your

business and the lighting is a bit off, you can use Snapseed to apply either different filters or to change it up manually. It’s a really good tool, free and is much better than a lot of the basic social media filters.

14. Whentopost

This great little app links up to your Instagram feeds and using algorithms, tells you when the best time to post on your account. Give it a whirl!

This one doesn’t have a website but if you search for WhenToPost on your app store, you will find it.

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