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Why Your Customers Might be Saying 'No' to You

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Have you ever wondered why your customers don’t always see the value you can bring, like you do? I’m going to get straight to the point here, it’s because you’re not telling them! You know the benefits that your products or services can bring, but I’ll bet a pound to a penny that you aren’t sharing those benefits anywhere except in face-to-face conversations, so your customers aren’t always seeing the value that you know they could. Am I right? Then read on….

The first thing to remember in your business story, is that your business doesn’t exist without

customers and the bare-faced truth is that your business exists to help your customers, period. There isn’t another avenue to this story, my friend. Your customer IS THE MOST IMPORTANT person in your business. Once you’ve got that message firmly tattooed on your brain, you will start to feel a seismic shift in the way you offer yourself and your business up to the outside World.

It’s no lie that some of the most successful businesses on the planet have a completely customer-centric and friendly approach to the way they do business and the way they market themselves. The customer is at the centre of everything they do. Their marketing appeals to not only those wishing to fix problems in their life, but also those yearning to aspire to more, to be something else, something bigger and better. Take the iphone…There are many other phones of possibly better quality, but Steve Jobs and Apple were able to look at the product and how it would translate for their customers in a different way. They talked to people’s beliefs, aspirations, their sense of style and also their sense of belonging. They coupled this with a beautifully designed product and that was their winning combination and continues to be even today. They showed their customers a reason to believe in them and their product and their customers felt the connection that appealed on an emotional level, so they bought it….in their millions.

Another example is Mercedes Benz. Their marketing does not really talk so much about fixing a problem, although you can argue that needing a new car is a pain point that needs fixing. They talk to the aspiration and desire for success in all of us. They speak to our hierarchy of needs (see picture of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs below for reference), our emotions and the human ego in us all. They do not speak of the mechanics or the bare details of the product (it’s got 4 wheels, goes this fast and has the best suspension). Their offer speaks to the part of the brain we cannot control, our subconscious. The part that needs to feel the desire to become or be the best that one can be. It talks to people’s self-esteem, their recognition and respect within society, their strength, their financial freedom and their status….even if that’s not something that person has achieved just yet. It’s not the nuts and bolts of the product that first sell this car, it’s the emotional response it elicits in us that it appeals to first. Are you starting to get the picture?

There is a significant amount of psychology and emotional economics that goes into the

buying decision of your customers, so much more than I could write in a single blog post. What I can tell you is; it’s in the way you write about your business online and offline. It’s about the posts you put out on social media and all of your marketing material. Who does it speak to? If it’s speaking about you in a generic way or just reeling off a list of attributes, it won’t work. If it’s speaking in a transactional way about your product or service, (we can do this, we have these for sale), it won’t work.

However, if your marketing is talking to the pain points and/or the aspirations of your customer, that’s what the brain picks up on. We are sold to and marketed to on a daily basis. If something doesn’t resonate, our brain is automatically programmed to filter it out. But if the marketing speaks to the individual, in a way they understand. In a way that makes them feel they’ve found a solution or in a way that makes them feel emotionally connected, it will do two things; it will filter out those who don’t have that problem, or don’t aspire to the solution. It will also prick the ears of those that do have the problem and do aspire to the solution and you can begin to nurture them to turn them into the centre of your World, your customers.

So, my question to you is this; Do you want to be the product or do you want to be the solution?

If you think it’s time to be the solution, get in touch with me to find out more about how I can help.

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