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Computer Tutorials


Helping You Build Your Brand & Grow Your Business

Does this sound like you? You know more than anyone that your business needs to be constantly marketed to build your brand and improve your sales, but you don't have the time to do it all yourself. You don't want to increase your wage bill just yet, but need someone to help build your business to the next level with a great marketing and brand positioning strategy.  You may also want someone to come up with great ideas to grow your business and then execute them for you.

I've built a successful career out of establishing marketing and communications functions for growing businesses and I can work with you to establish yours.  You can use my expertise to grow your business for as long as you need it with a retainer or I can work on a project basis.

Retainers start from half a day per week.  Get in contact with me if you'd like to know more.

Please enquire for project-based work.



Nurture Your Customers on Your Social Media Channels...  Specialising in Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Showing up on social media regularly can be a tough art to manage for business owners, especially if you're trying to spin lots of plates!  However, it's still one of the best ways to engage with your customers to grow your business when done properly and can do wonders for growth.  When nurtured properly, they often become an extension of your customer service.

Lucky for you, I'm a social media geek!  I have extensive experience in managing social media accounts for businesses and have grown social media followings from hundreds to thousands organically. More importantly the channels I've managed have grown the business through sales.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you get more social.

Web Design


Your Online Shop Window

I offer a full management service for websites, having managed many over the years.  I specialise in retail and ecommerce platforms and balance management with a blend of well-written pages and up-to-date content.

I can create website banners, write copy and keep ecommerce sites updated.

Prices are based on project size so please get in touch to find out more.



Leaflet, Poster and Menu Design

With my Print Design service, I take the time to understand your brand and find the most effective way to convey that to your audience.  From leaflets to posters and restaurant menus...I've designed them all.

Prices start from £60 for leaflets and posters and £120 for menus.

Girl Holding Shopping Bags


Build a Brand Your Customers Will Love

This is an audit of our existing marketing and a deep-dive into your vision, your values and your mission.  I evaluate your business, customers and goals and create a plan you and your team can work on to grow your business. It also include training for your staff, so they are clear on the strategies moving forward.

Having this knowledge will help you to craft your message to your customers consistently, so you can produce great marketing messages time and time again.

Audit & consultancy usually takes a minimum of 3 days.

Creative Work


Conversing With Your Customers Through Writing

I know it can be really hard to write about your business in a way your customers will resonate with you.  We weren't all born novelists!

I, however, do love to write.  It's one of my passions (the other one is reading, so I guess they go hand-in-hand!)

I have written a lot of stuff over the years for small businesses; press releases, wording for websites, award entries, leaflets, statements, email marketing.  The list is quite literally endless.  In fact, wherever I've worked I've always been known as 'the Wordsmith!'

I know your super-power is what you do in your business, but mine is communication and writing!  So if writer's block is getting in your way of getting you out there, get in touch!

Paved Terrace


Review and Complaint Management

I can't tell you how many reviews I've managed...they run into thousands! I know that a review feels like it could make or break your business, but it's actually how you deal with them that can be a game-changer.

I've managed reviews for business on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor.

I've also managed bigger business decisions with PR for crisis management and can help to manage difficult situations with P.R. management.

This service is ideal for restaurants, hotels, lifestyle, or retail businesses and any business where reviews are an important part of your online presence.​

If you need my help to get your reviews on track, get in touch. 

Prices are dependent on your initial needs for review management and can be done as as 'one off' projects.

Event Tent


Building a Sell-out Event

I know how to partaaay!  Seriously, I love an event.

I've organised big conferences in London for the likes of Compaq and HP.  I've behind the promotion for some of my areas biggest local events, such as the Burnham on Crouch Festive Fayre and Burnham on Crouch Quay one of the most successful events in the town's calendar.

I was the marketing manager behind the now renowned 'German Christmas Market' at Meadow Croft Garden Centre in Battlesbridge.  (Try googling it and see how many results you come up with!)

I've also created, promoted and hosted many sell-out children's workshops and events.

So if you want to host a sell-out event either live or online and need a hand promoting it, get in touch.

As events vary in their size and promotional requirements, please get in touch to discuss your needs.